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A First Step

December 31, 2007
Today marked the first, tentative steps of a new art form. Something that is not often said in our history.
The first zero gravity dance was done in a 727 over the Nevada desert. An initial video clip can be seen in the post A Taste of Zero-G Dance at the Stardance blog.
Here’s a still to whet your appetite.

Stardance Begins


Arts and Science Breakthrough

December 30, 2007


This picture is Jeanne Robinson, Spider Robinson, Jim Sposto and Kathleen McDonagh aboard G-Force 1, the Boeing 727 flagship of Zero-G Corporation in Las Vegas earlier today. Tomorrow they will be filming Ms. McDonagh dancing to Jeanne’s choreography in weightlessness albeit for about 15-20 seconds at a time.

The film will be used in Jeanne Robinson’s Stardance Experience, a film of zero-g dance based on Spider and Jeanne’s Hugo and Nebula award winning novels in the Stardance series.

The filming will be covered on their blog and the project is covered in full at the Stardance Movie site.

For more on Spider Robinson including his bio, Jeanne Robinson or the Stardance books, click the appropriate links. Spider’s podcast is also available and is published weekly with a mix of music, science fiction and essays.

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