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A Little Checkpoint

December 16, 2012

I saw a little reminder today. A checkpoint on where we’ve been and where we are and where it looks like we’re going. It was the opening clip from Aaron Sorkin’s show The Newsroom. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. If you have seen it, watch it again.

Here’s the video clip:

The opening of The Newsroom’s pilot episode

Yep. A great show and one of many great moments.

The difference between today’s left and right in the US is their response to those numbers Sorkin cites in that speech.

Liberals respond to all the "we’re number 14 in this" and "we’re number 34 in that" with "That sucks and we need to fix it" while conservatives respond with "How dare you think we’re not best at everything? Why do you hate America?"

The most recent, really on point, example is not the shootings last week – horrific as they were – but the vote on the UN treaty on the disabled. This was the UN saying "The USA created a great policy for a nation to follow with the Americans with Disabilities Act and we think all nations should aspire to be as good to their citizens as the USA is to theirs". An action that we used to deserve and used to receive with a fair degree of regularity.

Now, however, rather than having the vision and courage to produce legislation like the ADA, we can’t even get our own nation to support a non-binding, toothless resolution applauding our own actions because the tin foil hat brigade thinks the UN is about to send blue helmeted soldiers in black helicopters to seize Billings, Montana.

And that’s pathetic.

And we need to not only recognize that but we need to fix that.


More “Must See TV”

January 23, 2005

This time on PBS. They’re running a 6 part documentary on Auschwitz that’s absolutely brilliant.

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