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Spider Heinlein? Robert A. Robinson?

September 10, 2006

Well, we’re almost ready for the big day. Spider Robinson’s new book, Variable Star, based on an unpublished outline and notes by Robert Heinlein is so close to release that they’re publishing chapters on the Internet as a teaser – like a teaser for that is necessary.

The first six chapters of eight to be prereleased are up now at and any fan of either author should get up there now to get a head start. Any fan of both probably didn’t read far enough to get to this sentence.

So far, it reads like a Heinlein Juvenile with Spider Robinson editing and puns. The book comes out on September 19th and I’ll probably have it finished by the 20th assuming I have no self-control (and for Robinson or Heinlein, history shows that I don’t)


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