Olbermann Special Comment: Blame Hillary?

And now, with most of the US population realizing the disaster that is Bush’s war in Iraq, this administration does the only thing it has ever done well – condemn those who don’t give it sheep-like, absolute obedience.

Apparently, the failure of Bush and Cheney’s insane foreign policy is not the fault of mind-boggling incompetence, not the fault of corruption and cronyism on a level never seen since the reign of Louis XIV, not the fault of a lying government but rather the fault of those who dare to question that blind obedience to insanity.

Keith Olbermann says it well in the linked video below:

Special Comment: Blame Hillary?

July 19: Keith Olbermann says the choice to scapegoat Sen. Clinton is unfathomable – go fight your war yourself, Mr. President.


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