A Plan for Victory

My Ultra-Right-Wing Brother-In-Law keeps asking for the "Democrat Strategy for Iraq" and when he’s told about them insists that they’re not "Lefty Plans for Victory".

Below is my comment on Planning for Victory in Iraq…

As for "Lefty plans for ‘Victory’"…

Tell you what, first define "Victory".

Bush hasn’t been able to in any way that he and his historical revisionists have been able to agree to for more than a few weeks at a time. Partly because they also couldn’t agree on a reason why we needed to go into this disaster.

Of course, if you don’t know what you want to accomplish, it’s awfully hard to say how to accomplish it or even how to know when you have accomplished it.

So, is it:

Get rid of Hussein’s Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons that could strike the US at any time?
Check. There certainly aren’t any. Mission Accomplished. Let’s go home. (Of course there never were any)

Get rid of the Ba’athist Party’s control of Iraq?
Check. Mission Accomplished. Let’s go home.

Establish a Democratic government in Iraq?
Check. Mission Accomplished. Let’s go home.

Remove Saddam Hussein as an ally of al-Qaida?
Check. He hated them as much as we did. Of course, now a good percentage of Iraq has changed their minds and backs the same al-Qaida they used to hate… Mission Accomplished and now heading backwards. Let’s go home.

Put Hussein on trial for his massacre of the Kurds with US-provided chemical weapons?
Oops. Too late. We killed him without bothering. Guess we didn’t want to have to testify under oath. At any rate, the Mission’s as Accomplished as it’s ever going to get unless Bush thinks he can raise the dead. Let’s go home.

Give Bush’s campaign contributors billions of dollars of no-bid, guaranteed profit contracts with no oversight and big duffle bags of $100 bills to spread around?
Check. Mission Accomplished. Let’s go home.

So, again, tell us all exactly what "Victory" looks like. If you can, we can tell you a plan to succeed. If not, we’ll just give you a plan to stop making things worse, salvage what’s possible from this disaster and save some of our troops’ lives. Which, while not as good as listening to us in the first place, is the best choice left to us by Bush and Company’s mindless incompetence on top of mindless corruption.



3 Responses to “A Plan for Victory”

  1. Brandy Says:

    You should put in (maybe a different post) your stampeed anology.


  2. Peter Says:

    If you think I’m "ULTRA" right wing, then you need to expand your network.  I’m a libertarianish conservative on odd numbered days, and a conservative-ish libertratian on evens. 


  3. Mike Says:

    Well, Peter, let’s see. Most of the right has abandoned Bush. Most of the right agrees that the war is a disaster. Pretty much only the far, far, far right are still holding views you’re still espousing. You’re in the right-most 15% or so of the country. When well over three quarters of the nation (and certainly a higher percentage of the world) is to the left of you, where would you say you are?


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