The Great Seattle Windstorm of 2006

Well, we got another major windstorm last night. Nobody’s given it a catchy name yet but I’m sure they will. A few thoughts for anybody who is curious about how we did.

Our damage level was minor. Lots of downed branches and debris but the only damage was that a strip of rain gutter on the barn came down and we lost some low-voltage lights in the backyard that were about 30′ up one of the trees.

Power is out in the entire region. Puget Sound Energy – the local power company – is estimating that it could take several days to restore power and up to a week to get everybody back online. Even Microsoft is running on emergency power. Amazingly, though, most people seem to be at work. I, for example, am writing this on my laptop which is plugged in (as is my cell phone) to an outlet in the hallway that has emergency power. My mom is cooking a pot roast by candle light since her gas stove works as long as you light the burners with a candle rather than using the electric igniters.

They’re saying the damage to the city is as bad as or worse than the January 1993 "Inaugural Day Storm". For our house, though, that was a disaster with five big trees down.

We have had trees down in our neighborhood. The family across the street will come home from their vacation to find a tree across their roof. It’s about a 2-3′ trunk and broke when it hit but it looks like they didn’t actually lose the roof itself. One large tree and one medium tree came down a few houses from us where they’d been doing construction on a new house. No damage to the house but the construction crew was having to chainsaw the tree to get their work vehicles out of the driveway.

Right now, the power issue is the big one but with any luck we’ll have power back before Brandy flies in from Miami on Sunday. In the meantime, the dogs and I can huddle on the couch.


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