Republican Anti-Semite up for Reelection

The NJDC blog posted this amazing quote from Darryl Issa (R-CA) who, like all of the House, is up for reelection. Now Issa is a major Republican figure who gets sent to the Sunday talk show and out on the circuit to do fund raising. Of course, the California 49th district that he represents is a "safe seat" that never votes for Democrats so Issa can speak his mind without worrying about losing his seat once primary season is over.
In answer to a question from the San Diego Union-Tribune editorial board about excess spending by the Republican Congress, Issa answered that there were only two expenditures that he would criticize:
  • Crop subsidies for well-off farmers
  • Homeland-security funding for cameras and other security measures for Jewish organizations

Now this wasn’t a year or two ago, in a time before the Seattle Jewish Community Center shootings, this was just last week.

 And Republicans wonder why Jews vote Democratic by a ratio of 3:1 – it’s really a wonder why there’s even that one.


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