The Story is Out

A little while after Word 2007 Beta 2 shipped to the general public Guy Kawasaki (Guy’s Bio) posted that he was looking for a program that would let him do WYSIWYG editing for his blog and even stated that he’d be willing to use a Windows PC. Now, that may not sound like much but remember that Guy was the original Macintosh Product Evangelist for Apple and is a legend in the Mac community. Not being about to resist, I sent Guy a note that the new Beta version of Word had exactly that feature. We bounced some mail back and forth for a while going over the features and UI for blogging and I didn’t think much more about it.

Last weekend I woke up with mail from Guy in my Inbox. He’d gotten Word 2007 beta installed and running and wanted to know what he had to do to set up the blogging for his host. After a few more emails back and forth, Guy was blogging with a Microsoft Windows product.

Now, as a courtesy, I didn’t mention this publicly until now because it wasn’t the right thing to do. Guy has been fair in his evangelism and is a class act all the way around and didn’t need to catch heat from the less rational side of the Mac world for the sin of using a PC product.

Today, that embargo was lifted as Guy added a blurb about Word 2007 beta’s blogging feature in his blog and while he’s now blogging with two Mac applications he still put in a plug for Word. As I said, class act. And now that he’s gone public I feel like I can, too.

P.S. If you haven’t read The Macintosh Way that Guy wrote about product evangelism , go, find a good used book store (like, say, Powell’s in Portland, OR) and track down a copy now. I’ll wait. It’s a must read and must re-read that I go through at least once every three years and I’ve got a hardback copy now so that I don’t wear it out.


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