Windows Mobile

As anybody who has spent any time around me knows, I’m a big fan of mobile Internet devices. After about five years with a Motorola MPx200 Smartphone running Smartphone 2002 and later the beta releases of Windows Mobile 5 I’ve become addicted to having access to my email and the rest of the Internet wherever I am. And that brings me to the two topics in this entry…

First, Brandy and I have just updated our phones and service to HTC Apache devices. These are sold as under a variety of names all with 6700 somewhere in the title. Since we wanted EV/DO access we had a choice of Sprint or Verizon. As it turned out, Sprint’s unlimited data package was vastly less expensive than the Verizon option and Sprint offered a nice discount on the package so we’re now happily surfing the web at about 800Kb/sec. Of course, we still don’t get decent coverage in our house but the 6700 has a decent 802.11b WiFi stack as well so when we’re home we can surf even faster.

The second thing is for developers for Windows Mobile. Microsoft just added a new Mobile Client Software Factory in pre-beta (CTP) so that may be worth viewing. Here’s the blurb…


patterns and practices Goes Mobile!

 The Microsoft patterns & practices team has released the first Community Technical Preview (CTP) for the Mobile Client Software Factory.  The factory will help architects and developers design and build mobile LOB solutions.   The Mobile Client Software Factory will include a prescriptive architecture, application blocks, and other guidance/tools for enterprise architects and developers targeting Windows Mobile powered devices.  If you’re serious about building mobile enterprise solutions, join the community, download the latest pre-release drop, and start contributing feedback today!



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