Is “War on Science” Hyperbole?

The NJDC has posted an article on their blog at this location which answers this question with a resounding "No" and discusses and confirms the Bush Administration’s War on Science" or as I prefer to call it, The Long War Against Rational Thought. As they state:

The government plays a major & irreplacable role in science in America (and, thus, the war).  Not only are agencies like NOAA and NASA of a scale that the private sector would be hard-pressed (and unmotivated) to duplicate, they serve essential public purposes.  Additionally, the private sector systematically underfunds the background, "pure science" that has an essential but unpredictable relationship to marketable products.

As such, when the federal government denies monies to people who speak unpopular truth to (GOP) power… the effect is considerable — on human progress, on American technological competitiveness, and on public policy decisions.


Really, you have to wonder about where we are when religious organizations are the ones fighting for science and the supposedly secular government is attempting a religious coup.


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