And the battle against science continues

NJDC is reporting that not only is the Bush administration supporting the right’s religious extremists in their attempt to ban vaccines for sometimes fatal diseases because they like the risk as a way of cutting back on sex that they disapprove of. Now, according to a study done by Henry Waxman’s staff, they’ve actually put one of the people holding this bizarre view on the FDA’s approval board. Here’s a quote from the report:

I’m not surprised that the fanatics at Focus on the Family and other groups on the Christian-Right lunatic fringe oppose vaccines against sexually transmitted diseases, even fatal ones, because vaccination might encourage sexual activity. But I’m still a little bit surprised (even after six years of such nonsense) to learn that one of them is on the FDA vaccine advisory committee and is using that position to fight approval of a vaccine against Human Papilloma Virus, which is causally associated with cervical cancer.



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