Lotus Adds New Cars

Well, it’s been a busy year for Lotus. Their worldwide product line now includes:
  • Elise – base Rover engine model (Not available in the US)
  • Elise S – enhanced version of the Rover engine Elise (Not available in the US)
  • Elise R – The Toyota engine version
  • Exige – The coupe version of the Elise
  • Exige S – Supercharged version of the Exige (Not available in the US)
  • Europa S – A more comfortable coupe (Not available in the US) 
  • Track Car – A dedicated sports racer based on the Elise design

And that’s not including all the LotusSport offerings


2 Responses to “Lotus Adds New Cars”

  1. Gastrointestinal Problems : Says:

    i love new cars specially those prototype ones that have some out of this world feature~:~


  2. Bar Fridge Says:

    the new cars these year looks very streamlined and very stylish, i wonder what the new cars next year would look like ‘;’


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