Rationality in decline

Well, yet another sign has shown up that the fate of rational though is likely at an end and we’re fast on our way to a new dark age. In a New York Times poll, 55% of the US population thinks that humans were created in their present form with no allowance for evolution. In an even more amazing display of lunacy, 65%, yes, roughly 2 out of every three people in this supposedly literate and educated country think that we should put Creationism back into public schools on an equal footing with Evolution.

This came up on PBS’ Now with Bill Moyers and on the Now website at PBS.org, the online poll was virtually split on whether to teach "Creationism" (now pretending to be something more than applied fundamentalist Christianity by calling itelf "Intellegent Design"). Even computer somewhat literate people can’t tell the difference between religion and science or are so convinced their religion is all that matters that they want it taught in public schools to all students.

It’s amazing to realize that when this first started rearing it’s ugly head in the early 1970s, we actually thought it was just illiterate, rednecks in Georgia who wanted to go back to their imagined "Good old days for good old boys" in the Klan’s heyday in the teens.



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